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Wilmsmeier Solutions proudly presents….

Injection Mould Tracking
A challenging application that you can master with the right UHF RFID components. From tool recognition in the machine, the optimized repair and maintenance process to intralogistics, a wide range of applications opens up here. Knowing how, from physics to component selection, you will be able to implement a reliable solution.

„Smart workbench” or „smart shelf”

Is the tool used calibrated? Automatically display the current work plans that match the workpiece. Automatically identify and inventory goods and load carriers on the shelf. Such and similar tasks are easy to solve, especially with the right antenna. Often it does not have to be a special – and often expensive – “smart shelf” antenna.


It doesn’t always have to be the classic RFID gate with far-field antennas. Depending on the task, it is decided whether forklift use, local reading zone or the classic gate leads to the right solution.

Train positioning and localization

Automatic platform detection, positioning in front of screen doors or localization on the route. All UHF RFID applications that have long been in use. With the right application knowledge, the right components and experience from around 20 projects worldwide, we would be happy to advise you on implementation.

Components and maintenance management of trains

Which train is on which track in the maintenance hall. Which essential components are installed? Were there any hot runners? These questions and more can be solved efficiently and automatically with the clever use of UHF RFID.

RFID for SMT – improve the overall life cycle management of electronic components

From raw PCB manufacturing to the recycling process, UHF RFID can improve the entire production, service and logistics processes of electronic devices. It’s much more than just adding a unique ID to a circuit board. Use the internal memory to transfer important information directly with the product.